XXXIV Tournament of Inmaculada-Marga Monegal Trophy

The Tournament of Inmaculada celebrates 34 years overcoming any expectation.

Born in 1987 when, just days before the Reyes tournament, Antoni Falguera, director of the Hokcey School of RC Polo, told Marga Monegal, an all-time hockey dedicated person, that it was a pity “that there were children who, by age and lack of facilities, could not enjoy an event like Reyes one”.

The idea was to create a tournament for children under 16 years and in December 1987, taking advantage of the fact that the 6th of December is fairy day in Spain, the first edition was hold. Thirty competitions later, the international tournament of Innmaculada has become a reference in the calendar of training hockey in Spain and Europe.

In the first edition of the tournament participated, in addition to the players of the RCPB School, representatives of the Jolaseta from Bilbao, Club de Campo de Madrid, Atlètic Terrassa and San Salvador (Zaragoza). The answer of these clubs was so enthusiastic and the repercussion of the tournament so big, that in the second edition, in 1988, participated 250 players in 20 male and female teams. The first international team came from Italy.

Since then, the Tournament has never stopped growing, both in participants and resources. In recent years, the organization has had more requests for teams than it can assume, confirming the status of main reference of training hockey in Spain.